Your Boyfriend Broke Up With You - Stop Chasing Him And Use Effective Tactics To Make Him Chase You

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When your boyfriend broke up with you, he might have had several reasons. Some of the reasons are real and some imaginary. But it does not matter why he broke up with you, the hurt you are feeling is real. All you will be able to think of is getting your ex back. That might make you start to chase him, but to get him back, you have to learn how to make him chase you.

When you first met him, you were a happy and independent woman. Your ex boyfriend showed an interest in you and you ignored him and seemed unattainable. That made him chase you and that is the way it is supposed to work. Ever since the caveman, the male has been the pursuer and the female the one that played hard to get.

But, when a breakup occurs, things get turned around. You chase the man you love and he pulls away from you. This defies nature and will only end up in you losing your man for good. If you are chasing him, in the hope that he will sit down and have a quiet talk, it won't happen. You are still too emotional and your ex is still angry. That is not likely to produce a quiet, sensible talk.

By chasing your ex boyfriend, you might be compounding the problem that led to the breakup. Your man might have felt that he was being smothered and that is why he ran. You thought you were showing him how much you loved him. But a man has to have a certain amount of freedom.  If you keep pushing him, he will feel more smothered and will run farther away from you. That should tell you that you need to change your tactics.

The most effective tactics to make him chase you is to make him think you don't care. Instead of chasing him, ignore your ex boyfriend and appear to be moving on. Begin making a new life for yourself and find other interests. When you suddenly stop chasing him. your ex will feel relief at first. Then he will wonder why you stopped caring for him. That will hurt his pride and ego.

Men have very fragile egos and a very big sense of pride. If you can make him feel you no longer want him, he will want you. This may sound crazy, but look at the beginning of your relationship. He was the one that came after you because he thought you were unattainable. By having no contact with him, you are becoming unattainable again and this effective tactic will make him chase you again.

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Your Boyfriend Broke Up With You - Stop Chasing Him And Use Effective Tactics To Make Him Chase You

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Your Boyfriend Broke Up With You - Stop Chasing Him And Use Effective Tactics To Make Him Chase You

This article was published on 2010/12/11
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