Should You Get Your Boyfriend Back?

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You loved him, you gave him all that you could, and made every effort to keep your relationship going, and yet you finally get to know that your boyfriend ditched you - the big question here is, should you get your boyfriend back? even if he is not worthy of your pure love? Before you think about ways to get him back into your life, you must have a clear answer to this question. This article will help you get your answer to this question so that you can decide what is best for you, and get on with it

  • Was it love or just infatuation? Many times people fall for each other, simply out of infatuation. With time, the infatuation fades in its intensity, and the relationship becomes weaker. You may have truly loved your guy, but he may just have got infatuated to you and lost the interest eventually. Although, this does not give you any reasons to forgive him, but certainly implies that you should forget him. You must face the facts, and forget about chasing him to bring an immediate halt to your sufferings.  
  • Were you compatible? This is another very important point to consider. If you were not compatible, and fought over things more than agreeing upon them, it does not make sense to get your boyfriend back. He may have decided to quit the relationship out of the frustrating debates and arguments you had together. You are better off looking for a guy who you are more compatible with.  
  • Did he ever care for you? Was it always about him, and what he wanted, or did he really care about you? If he was too busy to care about you, you better thank the love Gods to have freed you from him. You certainly deserve a loving and caring dude, rather than a self-centered and self-loving creature like your ex.
  • Is he worth your emotions? How important is your ex to you? Do you really think he deserves all your attention and love? There is no point thinking about a guy who is just not worth your emotions. May be you need to move on!  
  • What could possibly have gone right? What would you set right if you could go back to past, to have your dude with you. Nothing? Well, if you feel there is nothing more you could possibly have done, you are only wasting your time, thinking about him. All your efforts and sincerity was not valued by you boyfriend, and it makes no sense to get him back.

It can be difficult to overcome this rough phase in your life. You may repeatedly think of different ways to get your boyfriend back. However, the best thing to do is to get over him. On the other hand, if your answers to the above questions are more on the positive end, then may be you should take an initiative and try to make up with him. If you feel he is worth you, and deserves your real love, then you must meet with him at the earliest possible opportunity and patch up with him. Take your time and make your decisions wisely.

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Should You Get Your Boyfriend Back?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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