My Ex Has a Boyfriend and I Want Her Back! Tactic 1 Vs Tactic 2

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"My ex has a boyfriend and I want her back" - As a relationship coach, I hear this almost everyday, and if you're really serious about pursuing your ex even while she has a boyfriend, then read on.

But first, answer these questions:

Did you want to get back with your ex more than ever AFTER you found out that she has a new boyfriend?

If you said, yes, proceed to the next question.

Did she initiate any contact with you within the past month or two?

If she did, then still have a chance with reconnecting with her.

Next, choose which route you want to take to win her back:

Skip to Tactic #1 - For the Slow Romantic Method

Skip to Tactic #2 - Use Psychological Tricks to Create Attraction

Now, I know everyone out there has a different situation. Some of you live with your ex and some of you have a long-distance thing going. Your ex might have left you because you cheated on her or you might have left her for various reasons.

So it goes without saying that these are general, but powerful tactics that you might need to adjust to fit your situation.

Tactic #1 - Show Her That You Care

If your ex still wants to be friends with you, you're in luck. This shows that she still thinks about you. You still need to muster all your strength and put on your best poker face.

Here are some good lines to tell her:

"You and your boyfriend make a good couple."

"I just want you to be happy."

Don't ever bring up the past or talk about anything negative. If her birthday is coming up, send her a gift. You do have the upper hand on her new boyfriend because you know exactly what she wants.

Give her something unique and different. Give her a pleasant surprise. If her birthday isn't coming up soon, you can still her her something, and when she asks you why you bought it. Reply with:

"I was just at the mall when I saw this. It kind of reminded me about you."

Now, with this tactic, you want to be consistent and keep contact with your ex, whether if it's through texting, email, Facebook or a phone call. Don't overdo it though, once every couple of weeks is good rough estimate.

Sooner or later, depending on your relationship, it might take a couple of months or a couple of years, she will say something similar to:

"We were a good couple huh?"

This is when you reply with:

"Yea, maybe one day, if you're still cool, we can go at it again."

Tactic #2 - Dirty Psychological Tricks

If you want to see results right away, you have to either start hanging out with a new social circle or date new women, preferably both. Jealousy and moving forward to a bigger and better lifestyle can create such a powerful emotion for your ex, that she'll be contacting you within a week if she ever found out.

Now how can she find out fast? The Internet is a wonderful thing; if you're on any Social Media outlet, such as Facebook, start posting pictures of you having fun. But keep it subtle, 3 pictures at the most.

If you're not doing anything online, you'll want to make sure that you're hanging out with some people that your ex knows or hanging out where you might run into them.

Sooner or later your ex will start contacting you. She's probably going to ask you if you're dating someone new.

Now the key here is to be vague about it. You'll want to reply with something similar to this line:

"Yes, I am dating around, they all have their positives and negatives, but that's what I really found sexy about YOU."

You're ex will now be REALLY curious because you just kept her hanging. It didn't make any sense. And that's how it all starts...

It's not within the scope of this article to go over every step-by-step detail to winning back your ex.

My ex has a boyfriend will reveal the dirty psychological tricks to winning back YOUR girl and never losing her again.

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My Ex Has a Boyfriend and I Want Her Back! Tactic 1 Vs Tactic 2

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My Ex Has a Boyfriend and I Want Her Back! Tactic 1 Vs Tactic 2

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