Matt Bomer enjoys family time with boyfriend Simon Halls and three kids in NYC

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“White Collar” actor Matt Bomer was spotted taking his three adorable kids Kit, Henry, and Walker out for a stroll with his partner Simon Halls in Soho, New York City on Thursday (August 2, 2012). The actor gave one of the little sons, whom Matt and Simon had via surrogacy, a ride on his shoulders when walking on the street. The family looked so happy and relaxed together. While they all are rarely seen together, the couple and their children were spotted twice in New York City over the past week.

Last weekend, Matt Bomer was pictured enjoying a big bear hug from his boys outside of their hotel. It was really quality time that the 34-year-old actor spent with his family since his press tour for “Magic Mike,” which hit theaters on June 29. Magic Mike is unquestionably the movie that provided Matt Bomer with his biggest film role to date. Matt starred a stripper and he had to show so much skin in the feature film. However, when asked whether Matt’s partner Simon Halls was okay with him exposing some skin in the movie, he replied: “Simon was totally cool with it. He’s totally supportive of me as an artist.” Simon even said to Matt: “Go do your thing, and let me know how it goes when you get back home.”

Here are some pictures of Matt Bomer’s family on August 2, 2012 in New York City.

Matt Bomer boyfriend Simon Halls

Matt Bomer and his boyfriend Simon Halls step out with their three sons in Soho, New York City on Thursday (August 2, 2012).

Matt Bomer family

The family’ members enjoy quality time together when they take a stroll on the street.

White Collar actor Matt Bomer

The “White Collar” actor even gives one of his kids a ride on his shoulders. The son seems to be very happy.

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls

Matt Bomer and Simon Halls have three sons Kit, Henry, and Walker via surrogacy. The boys look so cute and smart.

Matt Bomer sons Kit, Henry, and Walker

The actor is fresh off his press tour for “Magic Mike” and spends a day with his beautiful family.

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Matt Bomer enjoys family time with boyfriend Simon Halls and three kids in NYC

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