Is My Boyfriend About to Dump Me? Signs a Break Up is On Its Way

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Is my boyfriend about to dump me? If you're asking this now it's obvious that something in your relationship with your guy has changed. You can feel it inside and even though he may be telling you that everything is fine, his actions speak differently. They say that curiosity killed the cat. In this case, your curiosity about what he's feeling, or not feeling for you, can literally make you ill. You'll feel on edge, stressed and unable to focus on anything but whether or not he's about to dump you.

You don't want to live this way. If your boyfriend is acting differently, yet keeps telling you that nothing is wrong, let your inner instinct guide you. In addition, there are a few signs he's about to break up with you that you need to be very aware of.

Here are 3 signs you are about to be dumped by your boyfriend:

He stops being interested in you or your life. Remember when your boyfriend couldn't learn enough about you? He asked endless questions and he was always interested in what you were up to and how you were feeling. If he doesn't even ask if you're okay anymore or he has no interest in what you're doing or how your life is going, that's a very bad sign. He doesn't care as much and his disinterest is a glaring sign of that.

He stops calling or wanting to see you. If you're fearful that your boyfriend is about to dump you there's a simple little test you can use to gauge his current interest. Don't contact him today and see if he contacts you. Do the same thing tomorrow and the day after that. If you don't reach out to him and there's absolutely no response from him, you are nowhere near the top of his priority list. Many women who try this come to the very difficult realization that they are the only ones making the calls to their boyfriend or making plans to see him.

He stops being complimentary and starts being critical. One of the clear signs that a man is ready to dump a woman is how he treats her on a very basic level. If you and your boyfriend have been together for a bit you know that in the early days he was filled with wonderful compliments. He loved everything about you and told you as much. That all changes when a man is disconnecting himself emotionally from a woman. Suddenly, he'll be critical of her and won't think anything of saying disparaging things to her. If your boyfriend criticizing you more than he compliments you, brace yourself for the break up that is on its way.

Being aware and expectant is important when you fear that you're about to be dumped. Depending on what you feel for your boyfriend now is the time to either get ready to move on or devise a plan to keep him and rebuild the lost bond.

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Learn exactly what you need to be doing and saying to keep your boyfriend when he's going to dump you. Doing the wrong thing can mean the end of the relationship forever.

Don't give up on him if you believe he's the man you are meant to be with. There are specific methods you can use that will make you irresistible to him again.

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Is My Boyfriend About to Dump Me? Signs a Break Up is On Its Way

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This article was published on 2010/09/28
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