How to Win Your Boyfriend Back

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It is natural for one to follow what their instincts tell them to do. During tough decisions, it’s usually the “gut feeling” that turns out to be right. However, in the case of breakups – especially when you want to win your boyfriend back – this is not the path you would want to follow. 

During breakups, your broken heart will be telling you what NOT to do. Therefore, when you want to win him back, you must ignore your instincts completely and be entirely different from what you normally would do. So pull yourself together, breathe deeply and keep reading as I present to you three basic steps on how to get back to the blissful relationship you once had.

Of course every breakup story is different and this may lead you to believe that whatever advice is given you does not apply to your situation. Trust me, follow these 3 simple rules and you will win your boyfriend back in your arms before you know it!

First you have to remember to be strong. It’s easy to say but painfully hard to execute. You’re broken, miserable, wallowing in self-pity. How can you display a strong attitude if you’re hurting inside? Will the fact that you’ll never win your boyfriend back if you don’t force yourself to enough reason to motivate you to do so? Keep in mind that a boy will never want to have a girlfriend that is clingy or needy. Trust me, all boys’ minds run pretty much the same way.

What will you achieve from letting him know how much misery you’re going through, how hard it is for you that he’s not around and how much you miss him? The secret here is to show your ex boyfriend that you are confident, that you’re doing fine on your own. I have not met any guy who has fallen back in love with their exes that show neediness and act miserable without them. Nevertheless, be consoled that there is a chance for you two to get back together again. It happens all the time even to those who, from a third person perspective, don’t really seem right for each other.

Next rule is to minimize all contacts you have with him. This is the trap most women fall into. Bombarding his phone with messages whether they are of hate or of how much you miss him will just drive him farther and farther away. Sure calling will give you the impression of a speedy patch up, but trust me THIS WILL NOT WORK. If there’s anything you should avoid, it’s constantly calling or texting him. This will give him the idea that you miss him, which will lessen his need for you. Guys love a little challenge and you’re not giving him any by making things easier for him when you call.

Lastly, find a diversion. Distract yourself with a new hobby or lessons. This may sound a little too off from winning your boyfriend back but trust me, this will help more than you can imagine. You need to divert the misery you’re going through and convert it to something positive like dance lessons, knitting or baking. Heck, go over the top and go skydiving, skiing or some other extreme sports. Find something that will make you feel good about yourself and before you know it, your boyfriend will notice that you’re moving on and will be crawling back at your doorstep!

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How to Win Your Boyfriend Back

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How to Win Your Boyfriend Back

This article was published on 2011/06/07
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