How to Win Back Your Boyfriend

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Any break-up is hard, even one that you longer wish to be in. However, losing a boyfriend that you love and still want to be with can be devastating to your confidence, self-esteem and can badly affect your everyday life!

I'm sure many people have told you to move on. Maybe some have even told you to just get it together and get on with your life. Eventhough friends and family can be supportive they don't really understand. So, if you want to fix this situation and learn how to win back your boyfriend you have arrived at the right page.

I am going to show you how to win back your boyfriend using tried-and-tested methods that work!

Learning how to win back your boyfriend is like any other goal. You need to gain the necessary knowledge and probably acquire some new skills. If you set a goal to become a successful business woman you would need guidance from people who know business tactics and have been in your situation before achieving their success. The same is true when you want to learn how to win back your boyfriend.

It is necessary to use the knoweldge and experience of other people who have been in your situation and achieved what you now want. Using this approach means you can learn how to win back your boyfriend using proven methods and techniques.

Here are some tips that will show you how to win back your boyfriend in the shortest possible time.

Think about your relationship. Try to understand why your relationship encountered problems. In your own mind recall when the relationship started to change and why it did. This has two functions.

1. You can determine exactly what went wrong.
2. You can remind yourself of what you and your ex were like when you were happy together.

By knowing what went wrong you can fix it and by knowing what way the two of you interacted with each other when you were both happy in the relationship gives you something to aim for - the type of relationship you want to rebuild! Thjis knowledge will help you form a blueprint in your mind about your own future. This blueprint is the future relationship that you will begin to rebuild when you learn how to win back your boyfriend.

Imagine what it will be like when the two of you are together again and use your new mental blueprint to create the visual image in your head. This will keep you focused on your goal of getting him back, make you feel better and have a tremendous positive effect on your unconscious body language when you meet him and others that can help! Do not skip this step!!

You can start to be the person your ex fell in love with again. Remember how you were when he was first attracted to you at the beginning of your relationship or when it was at its best and become that person again.

Try to recall the things he liked best about you. Remember the things you wore, said and how you acted that he found attrative,., then begin to wear, say and do those things again. This will get his attention and remind him why he wanted to be with you in the first place.

If he left because he no longer wanted to be with the person you have always been then consider becoming the person he wants now. However, do not pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself and develop the qualities that he is now looking for as long as it feels right to you!

Use your common friends to your advantage. Let it be known that you are fine without him and that you are getting on with your life. In fact imply that you are dating again! Men always want what they cannot have! If you are seen as popular and other men want you he will begin to realise that he has made a mistake by letting you go!

Never, ever beg for a second chance! If you have already made this mistake there are ways to rectify it and even use it to your advantage but it is best to avoid trying to contact him, excessively texting, calling or harassing him. If you have already made this mistake or are doing it now stop! You will need expert help and advice to turn the situation around but for now just start to become less available and try to look like you are not interested.

Although many women have found this approach to be counterintuitive once they used it they were surprised at the positive results they got. He will wonder why you are no longer interested and will try to find out, thus sparking a fuse that will continue to burn and which can be used to peak his interest even further.

Be sure that he knows that you are moving on with your life (even if you aren't). There will be a time when you meet him so ensure you have your story straight! It should be something like this: You are doing fine and getting along great without him! However, you do remember the good times you shared and regret that things never worked out the way you had wanted. This will remind him of what you once had a sow the seed of doubt about the break-up in his head.

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How to Win Back Your Boyfriend

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