How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Desperate For Your Love - Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

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When your Boyfriend tells you he needs a break, what is he really saying? Usually it is what he considers a kind way of breaking up with you. But no matter how he says it, the pain is just as severe. You might think that you can go to him and tell him you are sorry for anything you did to make him upset and everything will be alright again. That seldom, if ever happens. To get your ex boyfriend back, you have to make him miss you like crazy. This will make him desperate for your love.

The best thing you can do, and the hardest for you to do is to give your ex the break he said he needed. By doing this, you are showing your strength and maturity and he will gain respect for you. What most women do not realize at the time of a split, is how men think and react to the actions they take. Men do not like to be chased. They feel that chasing is their role when it comes to any relationship with a woman. That is why it is usually so disastrous when you go chasing your man after a breakup.

How to make your ex boyfriend desperate for your love is to take it away from him. If you just go on with your life and accept the breakup in stride, he will be taken off guard. He is expecting you to be begging and telling him you cannot live without him When you ignore him and go out with your girlfriends for a good time, he will think you do not love him anymore. Since we all have a nostalgia gene that makes us fondly remember good times, he will be thinking of the good times the two of you had. Seeing you out with the girls enjoying yourself, will make him feel left out.

Suddenly, he is the one that is feeling rejected and lonely. This is another trait of men. They cannot stand to be rejected. It deflates their ego and destroys their macho image. He will also start to miss you like crazy. This will make your ex boyfriend desperate for your love. It will also put him into his proper role of the hunter and he will come hunting you. This is what you wanted, but do not be too available. In fact, you are on familiar ground now. Just lead him on the same chase you did when you first started dating.

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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Desperate For Your Love - Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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