How to Get Boyfriend Back?

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If you and your boyfriend prepare to get married, but you suddenly found that your boyfriend got off the rails. How should you do? If you still love him and you can forgive him and want to get your boyfriend back, following ten strategies will be helpful to you.
Firstly, become his air. Sometimes, men are more hesitant, more childish. He is like a fish swimming and singing the song “I want freedom” in the water. So only you trickle in his life and make him comfort, you can get him back. Sooner or later, he will find that it is like the air is pulled out. He can not live without you.
Secondly, make his room become your two-person world. If you have lived together, that is very simple. Make your every trace melt into his space. Unwittingly, place your books on his bookshelf. Every morning, when he wakes up he can find his teeth to become one of a pair of lovely Pooh Winnies… The closely two-person world let him can not distinguish each other.
Thirdly, the best tactic to get your boyfriend back is to reach his heart. A smart woman can understand men’s heart well. If your boyfriend says “I believe I can not find another girl as gently as you”, no matter how many girls chase him, they will sadly exit.
Fourthly, maximize the common interest. Love seems so casual, but what made you love each other originally? A concert, a CD, or a comic book…? The common interest infects each other and you love each other. Find the common interest and flourish it. If he is travel lovers, you should be the best companion for his every trip. If his hobby is taking photos, why not become his permanent models?
Fifthly, let you become the super housekeeper. If your boyfriend calls loudly” where is my table, where is my racket…“when he wake up every morning, it means that you are not a good super housekeeper. You should keep his house tidy and it looks like home, which will let your boyfriend feels that he can not live without you.
Sixthly, become a master of creating surprise. Man fears mediocre living and fears evil time to kill his beautiful princess in his heart. Begin with an elaborate dinner or a beautiful candle. Let romantic and passionate thing happen everywhere. In his eyes, you should be a master of creating surprise.
Seventhly, make him feel relaxed. Happiness is not to find a perfect person, but to make every effort to establish a perfect relationship with a person. You should make him feel relaxed. Love needs appropriate air and oxygen. You should always be a person who is not too close or too far to him, and never betrays him. If he calls you, you should go on time; if he gifts flowers to you, you should praise him cool; if he wants to stay alone, you should go away, but call him at night. 
Eighthly, inspire his love desire. Maybe he feels no passion after he lives with you for a long time. Take part in your friends’ wedding with him, and let him see the sweet love; go to kindergarten with him, and let him know that the children like you. His fragile is your victory.
Ninthly, be his clothing consultant. A man trusts a woman beginning with her taste. Creating a man begins with his clothing. When he find that his socks, his tie, his scarves, his clothes are your masterpiece, he will be proud of you.
Tenthly, leave him for a short time. All the single men always look forward to the perfect women coming, and they do not know how to cherish the present women. If you have taken all measures, and he still turns a blind eye and takes it for granted, you should leave him for a short time. At that time, he will find that all that he had used to is indispensable. Wait for him to call you, and say “Baby, come back, I can not live without you!”

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How to Get Boyfriend Back?

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This article was published on 2011/07/15