How To Get A Stubborn Ex Boyfriend Back - Effective Steps To Make Him Want You Again

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When it comes to getting a stubborn boyfriend back, you might be wrong. He might not be stubborn at all. It might be the way you are trying to get him back that is making him stubborn. If you have been trying to tell him what a big mistake he has made, that could be the reason he stays angry and stubborn. Try using these effective steps to make him want you again

First of all you have to stop having contact with him in any way. Stop chasing him and telling him you cannot live without him. Do not make any phone calls, send any emails or text messages. You have to realize that he is not your boyfriend anymore and let him go. This will be hard for you to do, but what you are doing now is only making him more stubborn.

The best cure for a stubborn boyfriend is to make him feel he is losing you. If you suddenly stop trying to get him back, his whole attitude will change. He is just pretending to be stubborn, to get you to beg and lose your pride. When you suddenly ignore him and move on, he will change from stubborn to scared.

Your ex boyfriend does not want to lose you. Something upset him and he run off to sulk for a while. He might have gotten over it in a short time, but when you kept harassing him, it made him upset again and he went into another sulk. That is why you have to leave him alone for a while and let him begin to miss you.

You can hurry things along by dropping completely out of sight for a while. Take a trip somewhere or visit relatives. Just drop off his radar for a couple of weeks. Then surprise him again. Since he has been wondering where you were, he should be ready to take your phone call. What you are going to do is apologize.

Just make it short and sweet. Tell your ex boyfriend you are sorry for any pain you have caused him and end the conversation. Do not try to make any explanations or beg him to forgive you. All that will be necessary is a sincere apology. After you tell him you are sorry, disappear again for about a week.

This will make him think the apology was a way of saying goodbye and he will be wanting to talk to you. His whole attitude will change and when he does find you, he will no longer be stubborn. Instead he should be more than willing to talk things over in a sensible way.

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How To Get A Stubborn Ex Boyfriend Back - Effective Steps To Make Him Want You Again

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This article was published on 2010/12/16
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