How To Attract More Attention When Your Ex Boyfriend is Ignoring You?

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You may feel frustrated when realizing that your boyfriend acts as if you do not exist in life though you both have just split up. This will make you feel more hurt as you cannot comunicate with him. You think that you may solve your problem if you have chance to get him to talk. You still feel that your life could be meaningless if he is not with you and your love for him is still there. What wil you do in that situation?


When your ex boyfriend is ignoring you, the best thing to do is to ignore him. Act as if you does not exist and treat him the same way he is treating you. If you have been chasing him and begging him to listen to you, stop doing it right now. Show him you can accept the breakup and move on with your life and you will get his attention fast.


This will catch him by surprise and he will wonder why you stopped trying to get him back. He was sure that you still loved him and he could have you back anytime he wanted you. By just going on with your life without him, you will make him have doubts. To get your ex back, you have to shake his confidence and make him feel that you are no longer available to him.


The reason he broke up with you and ignored you could have been because you were making yourself too available. Your ex started taking you for granted and needed more of a challenge. He was not worried about losing you while he went out and dated other women. He knew he had you all wrapped up and you would wait for him forever. Now your actions are making him wonder if he misjudged you.


To add to his confusion, go out with your friends for some fun. But first go get a new hair style and some new clothes to make you look irresistible. Once you are dressed to the nines and looking gorgeous, go out hunting your ex a boyfriend. You know where he hangs out, so he should not be hard to find. When he sees you he will no longer wonder why you are not trying to get him back. Flirt with some other guys, but ignore your ex and then leave.


After seeing you looking so desirable, he will not be able to get you off his mind. Your ex will realize how much he still loves you, and feel you are slipping away. It will now be his turn to feel rejected and dumped. When your ex boyfriend is ignoring you, have patience and beat him at his own game.


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How To Attract More Attention When Your Ex Boyfriend is Ignoring You?

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This article was published on 2010/08/27
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