4 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Cheating

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If you are in a serious relationship and have a feeling that your boyfriend might be cheating, you are not alone. If you are young, you may have heard your parents or an adult say "you are young and you will get over it" but that does not help the hurt now. You may think that your boyfriend is cheating, but you are not sure. The jealousy and lack of knowing is eating you up inside. Learn how to find out for sure if your boyfriend is really cheating.

You may not know for sure unless he admits he is really cheating but these four signs can help you determine whether to approach him about the suspicion.

1. He no longer wants to hang out
If your boyfriend wants to go out by himself, just with his friends or goes to parties without you, then there is a good chance he is cheating on you. He may not want you to hang out with his friends for fear that they will say something to you about his other romance.

It is a good chance that his close friends know he is cheating, but they have been told not to tell you. If his friends seem more distant to you or uneasy around you, then your boyfriend could be cheating.

2. Changes in appearance
If your boyfriend has changed his appearance dramatically or even made small changes, then he may be trying to impress someone else. Maybe it is his hairstyle, a significant amount of weight loss or he dresses better than before. You may think he is trying to look better for you, maybe not.

3. Attitude change
Has your boyfriend become ruder or more verbally abusive to you? Cheaters try to make themselves feel less guilty by placing more guilt on their partner. He may even accuse you of cheating, trying to take the focus off himself. Does your boyfriend seem to pick fights or get upset with you more easily? This could be a sign of guilt. He is trying to blame you for his unfaithfulness.

4. Unreachable
If you notice that your boyfriend is harder to get in touch with by phone, email or text messages, then he could be cheating. If he always answered your phone calls, emails or text messages immediately, but then suddenly started taking his time "getting back to you," then there could be a problem.

Bonus - Talk is going around
Have you heard talk that your boyfriend may be seeing someone else? Do your friends seem secretive or stop talking when you walk up? They may have seen your boyfriend or heard he may be seeing someone else.

They may even be friends with the other girl and like you both. This may create an awkward situation for them. Not all rumors are true, but if there is enough talk going around then there may be something to it. These are just a few signs that your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

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4 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Cheating

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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